Laminated Horn Bow / 'gae-ryahng-gak-gung'

The laminated horn bow is made of several types of materials i.e. waterbuffalo horn, bamboo, carbon and etc.. The'ears' are made of acacia, just like the horn bow and the back is covered with birch bark, also like the horn bow.  In terms of performance, this bow is very similar to the traditional horn bow: they look almost identical (unless you look closely, it is hard to tell the difference). They feel and perform also much the same.@ To maintain optimum level of function of the bow, it is recommended to keep the bow in the heating box once every 5 days.


Artificial Horn Bow / 'injo-gak-gung'

Instead of waterbuffalo horn, it uses artificial horn as one of the core materials. Both of the conveniences in maintenance / handling of the bow such as easy bracing and durability of the bow are the reasons the archers wish to have this type of 'injo-gak-gung'.