Hello, all the archery friends from all over the world!

Welcome to SONG·MU·GUNG.

SONG·MU·GUNG is one of the best manufacturers of the laminated version of the horn bow in Korea, known as a'gae-ryahng-gung'. SONG·MU·GUNG spares no effort and expense in the research and development of its new products to attain all the meritorious functions of traditional horn bow ('gak-gung').

SONG·MU·GUNG is constantly devoting itself to the popularization of traditional archery in Korea for 20 years by providing the laminated version seeming so much more convenient and less-expensive to many people who wish to have a bow that is as traditional as possible.

SONG·MU·GUNG thanks to all of you, the best traditional archers, from all over the world, and it will honor your wishes and devote itself to inherit and develope the world of traditional archery by manufacture of laminated bow at the optimum level of function with smoothness and excellent cast.

Thank you.

The Representative, SONG·MU·GUNG